Thursday, January 20, 2005

Live Upgrade with Sun Cluster

I recently received a SunSolve new documents notification which had a link to a document on using Live Upgrade with Sun Cluster.

It looks like the only additions to the normal live upgrade procedure is editing /etc/vfstab and updating /etc/cluster/ccr on the replicated environment. Unfortunately Sun will not support this method of upgrading YET.

Also does anyone else feel that live upgrade and jump start should be integrated? I would love it if you could specify live upgrade as the install_type in a profile, specify which filesystems should be replicated and flag whether to reboot after replication or not. Then Upgrading and patching of multiple systems could be done easily with minimal downtime.

Won't it be cool when we can contribute modifications like this through the OpenSolaris project!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad Sun stupidly canned John Howard. LU and Jumpstart aren't entirely foriegn to eachother, but I agree that they could be more cleanly integrated. Likelyhood that it'll happen: uber low.


11:03 PM  

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